EasyXLF - Translation Made Easy

Translations with the built-in facilities of the Netweaver Developer Studio are cumbersome and error-prone. When the the file with the original language has been editited, the XML source of the translated files has to be manually scanned for missing or orphaned translation units, which have to be added or deleted respectively. EasyXLF takes over this routine work, so that you can focus exclusively on the content of the translations.

EasyXLF is an Eclipse plugin which contains an alternative Editor for XLF files. It works with Netweaver Developer Studio 7.1 or newer. Installation is easy: Just copy a single file into the plugin directory of your Netweaver Developer Studio Installation. After that you can open the editor via right click on the XLF file → Open With → EasyXLF Editor.


See for yourself how EasyXLF can improve your productivity with our free trial version!